Launched in 2010 and produced until 2020, the Triumph Tiger 800 was an instant hit has proved to be the most successful middleweight adventure sport bike of the decade.

Powered by an 800cc three cylinder engine, the Tiger had bags of character, a distinctive exhaust note and was equally happy munching miles on a motorway or swinging through bends on an A road.

Two versions were produced; the XC had slightly beefier suspension and wire spoke wheels, making it better suited to tackling gravel and dirt trails, whereas the road-focussed XR had cast wheels and a lower sseat height.

Both had a 19-litre, giving impressive range at a claimed 44 mpg.

The second generation, introduced in 2015, had a ride-by-wire throttle, delivering better fuel economy, traction control and optional cruise control, auto-cancel indicators and multiple riding modes.

Things got even fancier for the third generation, in 2017, which included 200 modifications on the previous design, including switchable ABS, twin 305 mm front brake discs and single 255 mm rear disc and LCD screens with digital instruments.

In 2015 Rhys Lawrey completed a round-the-world trip on a Triumph Tiger 800 XC, riding 56,854 miles through 71 countries over 441 days and becming the youngest person to circumnavigate the world on a solo motorcycle, at the age of just 23.



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