Why sell your bike to the Value Bike Centre?

Alongside getting a great price, selling your bike to the Value Bike Centre removes all the time, uncertainty and risk of selling privately. No endless phone calls and timewasters, no chancers haggling about price, no trouble arranging collection, etc. And just as importantly, no strangers coming to your home.

This also applies should you wish to part-exchange your bike against one of the motorcycles in our showroom.

When you sell your bike to us, payment is made directly by bank transfer, so the money is with you quickly and securely, without any hidden charges or transaction fees. We can even purchase and part-exchange bikes with outstanding finance – talk to us for details.

Plus, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home: we can assess your bike and offer a price remotely, and can also collect it from anywhere on the UK mainland, too.

Get started:

If you’re ready to sell your motorcycle to the Value Bike Centre, or you want to part-exchange it, you can either fill in the form below and email us some clear pictures of your machine or call our sales team on 01953 857881 who’ll guide you through the process. Alternatively, pop in to our Norfolk showroom for a friendly chat.

Want to know more?

In this short video we explain what we’re looking for in a used bike.

And in this video, we show you the parts of a bike you’ll need to photograph for a remote valuation.

For a valuation, please call Chris on 01953 857881

We pay direct to bank and can collect anywhere on the UK mainland. You only need to send us close up pictures using our form and we will get a value for you.

Selling your bike?

If you’re thinking about selling your bike please provide us with as many details as possible using this form and we’ll be in touch.

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